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MORE INFO (Minister Credentials)

You are about to legally become a licensed minister with rights to perform religious, spiritual, and other sacred services. With the credentials that you’ll receive from GUTKA  you may set up your own ministry. Church charters are also available; click here for more information.

Applicants must comply with the following instructions:

 A. Complete Application

  1. Submit your true, full legal name (*nicknames will invalidate your license).
  2. Only include factual information.
  3. Double check your information to ensure correctness.
  4. Capitalize appropriately; as this information will be reflected in our records as well as your local state/ county.
  5. Submitting a fictitious name/ screen name, or submission without a person's permission is not allowed. All such applications will be rejected upon review.

 B. Complete the GUTKA online application/ exam which is an assessment of your general knowledge of the various belief  systems recognized and practiced within African/ Indigenous communities today (and related history).

 C. After you have completed the application process you will receive a confirmation e-mail. Please read this email carefully. It is not only a welcome message it also contains important information and links. Our confirmation email can get caught in your spam filter. If you do not get your confirmation email within 10 minutes please check your junk / spam filter.

 D. Many municipalities will require physical proof of your ordination status; this includes your GUTKA minister license, a letter of good standing, and a wallet card. You may order these identifying documents from our online Minister Resource supply portal.Once you have received your official GUTKA minister credentials you may register as a wedding officiant by contacting the local county clerk in your State.

 E. To order any additional credentials you may need click here.

 F. Stay connected with GUTKA in our public FB forums. Please feel free to discuss any topic. Discussion and friendly debates are encouraged. Once you become an official member of GUTKA you will have access to our members only forum(s).

 G. Due to privacy law we cannot accept ordinations online for children under the age of 18. By submitting this form you agree that you are over the age of 18. For information regarding the l

 H. For GUTKA Minister resources and supplies click here.

aspects of GUTK license/ ordinations contact your local office of the Secretary Of State office.

Feel good about what you do! Make a living doing what you were born to do, and what you love to do with your official GUTKA minister credentials!

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