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NOTE: The term “church” on this site includes: individuals, temples, mosques, shrines, or any other religious/ spiritual house of worship.GUTKA


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Failed Donation

In the event that you failed to fulfill your support arrangements as promised, or your debit was denied by our donation(s) processor (PayPal), your order/ membership will be automatically suspended; immediately, and all access to all benefits and privileges will also be suspended. If you contact us within 5 calendar days to make arrangements; your order/ membership will be reinstated at your current rate. It is your responsibility to make sure your donations are being honored by your chosen donation method. If donation has not been received within 5 calendar days, your order/ membership will be canceled.

Please note if you allow your order/ membership to expire or we have a failed transaction and it is not resolved by you in 5 days and you wish to continue to order/maintain membership with GUTKA, you will be required to re-order/ sign-up again; any of the previous specials you may have had will be terminated. If we receive more than 2 failed billings within 6 months, we reserve the option to require pre-payment or block from future order/ Membership to our programs or access to our services.

Account changes

If you need to make changes to your account such as to advise us of a change of mailing address, phone, etc. please send us an email and we can make those changes for you immediately. Do not include credit card information in the email, please update your billing through the billing portal (PayPal).


If donor fails to give GUTKA notification, there will be no refunds and donor will not be billed thereafter, so please take good note of when you signed up with us. Please note there are no refunds.Once membership fees have been renewed, the payment process is irreversible so PLEASE make sure you cancel prior to renewal.


GUTKA makes every effort to ensure proper and timely receipt of contributions. Should you suspect an error, please let us know right away. All disputes must be sent to us in writing at the following e-mail; and within 60 days of the suspected error in order to allow research and processing time. We may ask you to provide PayPal statements or other documentation. We will research the issue, and should a refund be necessary, we will promptly make the situation right.

Login Info

Members agree not to pass on their login details to anyone. Members login details must be kept strictly confidential at all times. GUTKA log-in access records are monitored daily. If GUTKA suspects that visitors are being allowed in our secured area(s) by another member without our written permission that member will be automatically canceled and forbidden to enter the membership area. GUTKA reserves the right to deny any application for any reason; with or without cause.

Username or Password

If you lose your login information, please use the lost login link on the site, or send us an email and we will retrieve it for you and send it to you via email. This second option is not an automated process, as we manually verify your details before emailing you your login reset details. GUTKA is not responsible for your being locked out of your account due to forgotten login information.

Copyright Material

The content of gutkministries.org is owned or licensed by GUTKA and trusted partners and is intended for donors only. Donors are allowed to reprint certain content of this website ONLY with written permission from GUTKA.

All content contained on this website is the copyrighted property of God’s University Of Truth & Knowledge Association; including all lesson and course material of GUTKA. All trademarks, service marks, and trade names are proprietary to GUTKA. No content from our websites may be copied, reproduced, republished, uploaded, posted, transmitted, or distributed in any way or for any other purpose unless you receive written permission prior to usage. Neither may you add, delete, distort or misrepresent any content on GUTKA websites. Attempts to modify any GUTKA content, or to defeat or circumvent our security features are prohibited.

NO permission is given, or implied to reproduce or copy lessons or course materials for further distribution or sale, without the express written consent of GUTKA.

Legal Age

A person can legally become a minister at any age. In some states, however you cannot officiate, solemnize or register to perform a wedding unless you can attest to being 18 years old. These legal requirements may vary from state to state. Check with you local county clerk or agency that records marriages for more information on age restrictions.

Although we do allow parent/ guardians to obtain ministers license/ ordination credentials for their child’s youth ministry; we will not grant license/ ordination to any child under the age of 13. We do not knowingly collect any personal information from children. Anyone under the age of 18 may use our sites only with the involvement of a parent or guardian. If you become aware that your child has provided us with personal information without your consent, please contact us.  If GUTKA suspects that an individual has registered/become licensed on our site while under the age of 13 or using false information, we will promptly cancel the license and delete the information.

Termination of This Agreement

This agreement is effective until terminated by either party. You may terminate this agreement at any time, by destroying or returning all non-expired credentials obtained from GUTKA, along with all related documentation. GUTKA may terminate this agreement at any time and without notice, if in its sole judgment, you breach any term or condition of this agreement. In addition, by providing content on our websites, we do not in any way promise that the content will remain available to you. And GUTKA is entitled to terminate all or any part of any of its websites without notice. GUTKA reserves the right to cancel this agreement, and suspend the rights and privileges to use our sites completely, up to and including a complete ban of your IP address from all websites affiliated with GUTKA, for violating these terms and conditions.

Jurisdiction and Other Points to Consider

U.S. Constitution; Amendment I: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Unless otherwise specified, the content on our websites are presented to provide information about our online/ offline ministry. The ministry of GUTKA was organized in the United States of America. If you use our sites from locations outside of the United States, you are responsible for compliance with any applicable laws. These Terms & Conditions, and the agreement they create, shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the United States. If any provision of this agreement is unlawful, void or unenforceable, it will not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. GUTKA may modify these Terms & Conditions, and the agreement they create, at any time, simply by updating this posting; without notice.


GUTKA shall not be required to travel or meet with Minister at any particular place or places, except in GUTKA’s sole discretion and following arrangements for cost and expenses of such travel, such arrangements to be mutually agreed upon by Minister and GUTKA. In the event of any dispute under or relating to the terms of this agreement or any breach thereof, it is agreed that Minister shall submit a written dispute along with any evidence in support of dispute. GUTKA will take every measure to provide a beneficial solution for all parties involved in the matter. GUTKA shall be required only to render reasonable services, which are called for by this Agreement as and when reasonably requested by Minister.

Any other use of GUTKA content from this web site including but not limited to purposes other than those noted above; without the prior written consent of GUTKA is strictly prohibited. For more information, please contact us.

GUTKA 2020

All rights reserved.

Annual Support

There are no refunds.

You can cancel any time and you won’t get the following year. The cancellation must be made 7 days before you are to be billed for the new year.

Monthly Support

There are no refunds.

You can cancel any time and you won’t get billed the following month. The cancellation must be made 2 days before you are to be billed for the new month.

One-Time Support

There are no refunds.

You won’t get billed the following month. The cancellation must be made before the transaction process is completed.

e-Newsletter Subscription Opt-Out

GUTKA will from time to time send members special announcements relating to ministry news, including new ministerial services, events, special offers, and more. We promise not to send you any emails unless we have something important to announce, which we believe would be of benefit to you. We will not send you any SPAM emails. Only those who have subscribed to our mailing list will receive email notices from us. Subscribers may cancel their newsletter subscription at anytime by sending us an e-mail. Please ensure that you provide the e-mail address you subscribed with to unsubscribe.

Licensed & Ordained Ministers Status

(a) No Employment Relationship

It is the express intention of the parties that Minister is an independent ministry and not an employee, agent, joint ministry or partner of GUTKA. Nothing in this Agreement shall in any way be interpreted or construed as creating or establishing the relationship of employer and employee between GUTKA and Minister; or any employee or agent of the Minister. Both parties acknowledge that Minister is not an employee for state or federal tax purposes. As an independent Minister, Minister is not entitled to any employee benefits from GUTKA. Minister shall retain the right to perform ministerial/ pastoral services for others during the term of this Agreement so long as these services (i) are not inconsistent or incompatible with Minister’s obligations under this Agreement.

(b) No Authority to Bind GUTKA

Minister has no authority to act, to enter into any contract, or to incur any liability on behalf of the GUTK/ GUTKA.

Directory Of Ministers

No warranty or endorsement is expressed as to the training, competence, integrity, or any other quality of the ministers listed in the RBG Minister Directory. Use of this information for any use other than that for which it is intended is prohibited. The RBG Minister Directory is not connected in any way to the official GUTKA license/ ordination records.

Donations & Contributions (Refund Policy)

GUTKA offers the convenience of making on-line donations directly thru PayPal. GUTKA is not responsible for information transmitted via PayPal. There are no refunds on any donation(s) or contribution(s) made directly or indirectly to GUTKA.

A significant percentage of needed support comes from charitable donations toward GUTKA ordination credentials, certificates/ degrees (honoraria) for: teaching, preaching, training, coaching, and other ministerial counseling and consulting activities. Such financial support is gratefully received and enables us to continue doing God’s work.

Any donations made directly to GUTKA, can be set up on a one time or recurring basis, to cancel any recurring donations, simply notify us in writing, at least 7 days prior to the next recurring donation date (ie. if your donation is made on the 15th of each month, please notify GUTKA of the cancellation by the 8th of the month). If a recurring donation is charged to your credit card, after being canceled, the amount of the donation will be returned to the credit card on file, within 7 days of notification of cancellation. GUTKA will in no way be responsible for any charges over and above the amount of the original donation.

We hereby publicly express that the purpose of GUTKA is to provide spiritually based educational resources to propagate truth, and unite the Children Of God across the African/ Indigenous diaspora. GUTKA has taken every effort to design our website to be useful and informative. Hopefully we've accomplished that -- and would ask that you let us know if you would like to see improvements or changes that would make it even easier for you to find the information you need and want.

This site provides a variety of information pertaining to minister ordination, minister licensing, certification, charters, honorary degrees, and ministry in general. Such should not be viewed as legal advice, nor do we guarantee the accuracy of content. While our sincere conviction is to provide the community with truthful, straight-forward facts pertaining to ministry, there is never a time when anyone knows everything (other than God). Therefore the potential for error is ever present during human communication. When changes to our ministry occur, our goal is to communicate these changes. However, it is not possible to be sure that every member of our ministry or even the public will receive our attempts to make such notices. Therefore, we reserve the right to make changes to any or all of our services without notice. Additionally, we make no warranties expressed or implied; this includes but not limited to regulated acceptance of ministerial status, training, privileged access, tax exemption, etc., unless otherwise agreed to in writing with GUTKA.

All we ask is that you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions. Take a few minutes to look them over; by using this website you automatically agree to the terms herein. Naturally, if you do not agree to the terms and conditions, please do not use the site. We reserve the right to make any modifications that we deem necessary at any time. Please continue to check these terms and conditions to stay updated on future changes. Your continued use of the GUTKA website means that you accept those changes.

Thanks again for visiting!

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