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Doctor Of Liberation Theology


 $100 or More

Honorary Doctorate Degree

~~  Doctor of  Liberation Theology ~~

GUTKA offers two (2) types of liberation theology doctorate degrees:

1. Doctor of African Liberation Theology (D.A.L.T)

2. Doctor of Indigenous Liberation Theology (D.I.L.T)

3. Doctor of Black Liberation Theology  (D.B.L.T)

These highly esteemed letters issued by GUTKA signifies that you have the proven ability to discern between African/ Indigenous spirituality (i.e. ancestral traditions, rituals, original concepts of God); and colonial religions.

Awarded for exemplary qualifications in a variety of African/ Indigenous spiritual and theological studies with the core purpose of liberating the oppressed and marginalized (i.e. Africans and Natives in America; respectively).  

For those who seek to do God’s work in their respective community through teaching truth in an effort to emancipate African/ Indigenous people from white supremacy and racism found in religion.This degree is designed to

complement your active involvement in ministry, and to give you a fundamental tool that will assist your ministry in reaching it’s full potential!

Attaining this degree represents a highly prestigious accomplishment for your ministry endeavors. After your dissertation and life experience is evaluated your degree will be granted, entitling you to the title of Doctor (Dr.), and to use the honorific letters of  “D.A.L.T”, “D.I.L.T” , or “D.B.L.T” after your name.

“Black theology is the theological arm of Black Power, and Black Power is the political arm of Black Theology” - Dr. James  Cone

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