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NOTE: The term “church” on this site includes: individuals, temples, mosques, shrines, or any other religious/ spiritual house of worship.GUTKA


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God’s University Of Truth & Knowledge (GUTK) is an interdenominational ministry, as well as an Association of ministries (GUTKA). We accept, acknowledge, and respect all faiths and spiritual systems of the world that are dedicated to the service of the African/ Indigenous diaspora.

GUTKA Ministers come from various theological and educational backgrounds. GUTKA provides opportunities for brothers/ sisters in the community to start their own independent church/ ministry or start their very own charter branches of GUTKA. With GUTKA credentials you may start a congregation and maintain a pastoral counseling practice/ ministry with an emphasis on teaching, healing, performing sacraments and other spiritual ceremonies.  

There is a great need for African/ Indigenous centered brothers/ sisters to serve the millions of people in our communities whom are waking up and seeking truth. Our mission is to locate, equip and ordain these brothers/ sisters whom are willing to pioneer in fact-based ministry. Our goal is to have such dedicated ministers represent GUTKA in all cities and towns across America and abroad.

Q: Are you sure I can officiate marriages in all 50 states?

A: Yes. Some states require a little extra paperwork, but despite any potential documentary hassles; GUTKA minister credentials are legal in all 50 States (and U.S. territories).

Q: What does my state require if I want to perform marriage ceremonies?

A: Click here to see a list of requirements by State (and territory) for performing marriages.

Q: Is there a refund policy?

A: Yes. Click here for our refund policy.

Q: What about tax exempt status, how do I get that?

A: You can obtain tax exempt status once you become a GUTKA licensed Minister:

- Minister License

- Ministry Packages

GUTKA is a non-profit religious/ spiritual organization (a “qualified organization” as defined in IRS publication 526); exempt from Federal Income Taxes under the “Mandatory Exceptions Rule”; IRS Code § 508(c)(1)(A).  We advise that Ministers seek the advise of an attorney or CPA after receiving their credentials on related tax matters.  

Q: Can I draw up the legal papers for a 501c3 myself?

A: Yes. Yet, please note that based upon U.S. Constitutional law as a minister you do NOT have to become a 501c3, nor are you as a minister required to file an annual tax return. If you remain a non-501c3 (as many churches do), we will assist you with a Church Charter, Community Outreach Charter, or other founding document.

Q: How would I obtain detailed info on the IRS tax exemptions available once I become legally Ordained?

A: GUTKA staff are not tax experts, the best thing for you to do is to call your accountant or contact the IRS (form & publications department) to place your order (800-829-3676). Ask for publications 501/ 557, applications 1023/ 1024, and any other publication having to do with tax exempt status for religious/ spiritual organizations. You can also download this info from irs.gov. The IRS line is open 24 hours a day.

Q: Can I still accept money for my ministry, and clergy services without getting 501c3 tax exempt status?

A: Yes, definitely! Due to the separation of Church and State doctrine in the United States, any ordained Minister can accept money for their services, counseling, readings, weddings, ceremonies, etc. If you don't want to go thru all the hassle of filling out forms and paying exorbitant attorney's fees - GUTKA can issue you an independent ministers license upon request; click here.

Q: How do I become listed in GUTKA’s Minister’s Directory?

A: Our site is getting heavy traffic, and we want to have every geographical region covered with a Minister. Get your application to us as soon as possible. Once you are licensed by GUTKA, you will qualify to become listed in our RBG Minister Directory. Please note that GUTKA reserves the right to refuse an application to be listed in the ministry directory.

Q: Are women allowed to be licensed/ ordained and receive GUTKA Minister credentials?

A: Yes. Absolutely!

Q: Will I be able to collect offerings from my congregation?

A: Whether you run a small neighborhood bible study; or a large town congregation, you will be encouraged to seek financial support from those you lead.

Q: What are some good suggested donations for my ministerial officiate services?

A: The standard minimum donation range is $150 - $400 for weddings, which is fair especially in contrast to the many Ministers who charge much more. Baptisms and baby naming ceremonies are usually the same suggested donation range as a wedding. Counseling, prayer, meditation, or intuitive reading sessions may bring in anywhere from $18 to $100 per hour. For home and business blessings you can fairly suggest donations of up to $1000.

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