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NOTE: The term “church” on this site includes: individuals, temples, mosques, shrines, or any other religious/ spiritual house of worship.


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Are you an African/ Indigenous business owner?

Are you ready to assist in building God’s kingdom?

 Interested in having your products, website or services reviewed by GUTKA?

Do you want GUTKA to host your fundraiser/ giveaway; or attend your event?

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Not only does GUTKA pray and meditate that the finances of RBG entrepreneurs in our communities be blessed and increased; but we also provide solutions and resources to assist RBG entrepreneurs in their journey to financial freedom. We're passionate about supporting the divine and ancestral spirit behind RBG products and services; and we are always on the lookout for products/ services within our communities to bring awareness to.


The purpose of GUTKA’s “RBG Loyalty Rewards Ministry” (RBG-LRM) is to provide resources and solutions to independent RBG vendors and service providers; so that they may grow, be fruitful, and empower themselves, their family, and their respective


GUTKA is seeking to unite locally, nationally, and internationally with other RBG ministries and businesses. We support and encourage each other to expand the kingdom of God through positive, progressive, and productive works within our community.


GUTKA provides effective and affordable awareness resources and other ministry/ business solutions; to encourage kingdom building through creative entrepreneurship across the African/ Indigenous diaspora. GUTKA aims to further the cause of building God's Kingdom by bringing awareness to quality RBG products/ services as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For GUTKA’s product reviews to be a valuable resource to our community, the products submitted for review should be the exact same products our audience can purchase, including product specifications, manuals, documentation, and accessories.

All items submitted to this ministry will be accepted as a tax-deductible donation. GUTKA will issue a receipt for all items donated (no matter if your product/ service received an official review). Please Note: It is the donors sole responsibility to determine the value of the item(s) donated; and to enter that value onto the provided receipt.


GUTKA will review your RBG brand of products/ services; and share the experience through our RBG Loyalty Rewards Ministry.You can expect your product/ service to go through a rigorous, and impartial review process overseen by GUTKA; which can range from a post or mention in GUTKA’s social media/ blog, or a full review on GUTKA’s website.

All landing page reviews include photographs of your RBG product or service, a five-star rating system; and may also include a first look video featuring an overview of the product/ service as presented by GUTKA.  

Whether we request your product or you send it to us unsolicited, we cannot guarantee that your product review will be shared (via social media), as not every product fits into GUTKA’s ministry mission.


Offering a giveaway will give your RBG brand a lot of additional exposure and attention in the community. Please do not submit your product to GUTKA if you choose to have us run a giveaway, as you will be responsible for sending the prize directly to the winner.

Sponsored Posts

If you are interested in a sponsored post, contact GUTKA for more information.

The religious/ spiritual/ inspirational retail market is large with over $4 billion in sales annually. Books such as the Bible make up 13% (approx.) of the market; which leaves a large market percentage for RBG products and services.

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