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NOTE: The term “church” on this site includes: individuals, temples, mosques, shrines, or any other religious/ spiritual house of worship.GUTKA


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This offer is available to all committed community leaders who’s seeking to take their service within the community to the next level! Your FREE Ministry Awareness Package includes the following:

GUTKA is often asked to recommend a minister for various non-profit events; so therefore we developed a system utilizing both online and offline resources to bring awareness to your respective ministry. The key purpose of this program is to uplift and spread the word of truth, challenge status quos, educate the truth-seekers, and increase demand for non-secular African/ Indigenous spirited ceremonies, music, and events in our community.

GUTKA’s Ministry Awareness Program is a package of viable and effective resources which may be customized to your individual ministry needs such as:

As your spiritual covering; GUTKA provides you with not only resources, but also hands-on support needed to build awareness of your ministry via:

 Profile Landing-Page

Your FREE profile landing-page showcases your photo, video, biography, etc. to churches and other non-profit organization seeking to invite a Guest Minister to speak at their next event or to provide other ministerial service(s).

Guest Minister Invitations

As a listed GUTKA Guest Minister you’ll get invited for lectures, discussion boards, debates, weddings, non-profit events,TV shows, commercials, documentaries, fundraiser's and more. These invites come from various religious organizations, non-profit groups, community media outlets, and other community  organizations.

Invitation Notification

GUTKA notifies you of all invitation’s as they are received.

Honorariums & Reimbursements

  1. On your behalf as a Guest Minister; GUTKA will collect the initial honorarium deposit from the Host (i.e. church, other non-profit). The honorarium deposit amount is usually equal to one-half (1/2) of the total agreed upon honorarium.
  2. GUTKA will forward the received honorarium to you (Guest Minister); minus the agreed upon contribution to GUTKA.
  3. The remaining one-half (1/2) of Guest Ministers honorarium will be given to him/ her personally by the Host; the day of the event, yet prior to event time.  

No Hidden or Required Fees

There are NO HIDDEN or REQUIRED FEES associated with GUTKA’s Ministry Awareness Program, or our ability to generate invitation’s for you as a Guest  Minister, but we do strongly recommend that you support GUTKA with a contribution if you as Guest Minister move forward to accept  an offered invitation.


*Free Ministry Awareness Packages are available for a limited time only. A copy of your Minister License will be emailed to you via PDF. For the official hard-copy please send $15.00 per S&H.

There Is No Better

 Ministry Awareness Resource Than GUTKA’s


(Ministry Awareness Program)

Whether you are a community leader looking to expand your ministry, a new Minister seeking rapid growth, or a seasoned Minister seeking new opportunities locally and abroad… M.A.P. IS YOUR MINISTRY’S SOLUTION!

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Our Mission

GUTKA was recently founded in 2017. We are now setting up operations which will allow our ministry to be a viable resource to truth-seekers worldwide! Before we introduce our website to the world we would like to partnership with teachers, scholars, healers, and other leaders in the African/ Indigenous community; in hopes that we can be a catalyst for your divine ministry.

GUTKA would like to extended a most gracious salute to all of the members of the African/ Indigenous community who have accepted their divine calling to teach fact-based verifiable truth! To show our support and appreciation for your humble service to the community GUTKA is offering you and your ministry a:

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